​What is an EHS Engineer?

An EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) Engineer plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and compliant work environment for employees. They are responsible for designing and implementing strategies to minimise workplace hazards, mitigate environmental impacts, and promote occupational health.

Qualifications and skills generally needed to be a EHS Engineer?

  • A bachelor's degree in environmental or safety engineering is typically required. This education equips engineers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of environmental regulations and safety protocols.

  • An understanding of relevant regulations and compliance standards is crucial. This knowledge ensures that the engineer can navigate the legal landscape to create and maintain a safe work environment.

  • EHS Engineers must be adept problem solvers. Experience in conducting risk assessments is highly valuable. They need to identify potential hazards and develop effective strategies to mitigate risks, often in real-time situations.

  • Strong collaboration and communication skills are vital for successfully implementing safety initiatives and ensuring everyone understands and complies with safety protocols.

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