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CV Sourcing Case Study
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European CV sourcing allows Dutch Wind Business to bid for German Project

  • Publish Date: Posted 8 days ago

​A worldwide wind power company based in the Netherlands wanted to bid for a large project in Germany.

The Challenge:

The bid required CV evidence of local expertise and talent resources based in Germany which the Netherlands-based business did not have. With time constraints, a lack of budget, and stringent project requirements, they would be non-compliant and unlikely to proceed to the next step without finding a solution.

The Solution:

We had previously approached the business about supporting them with recruitment in the Netherlands. The Germany project was mentioned as a longer-term possibility but they needed to win the bid first. With an office in Germany and a database of wind energy professionals throughout Europe, Shirley Parsons could help. We offered to find suitable candidates for no charge at the bid stage process on the basis that we would become a key resourcing partner to them long term.

We collaborated closely with them to understand their project requirements. Swift action was imperative, and we promptly engaged in candidate sourcing and preparation. Recognizing the need for confidentiality, we crafted anonymized CVs and leveraged our extensive network to identify suitable candidates. We efficiently prepared accurate CVs within six business days, maintaining anonymity to foster trust.

The Result:

Our proactive approach and efficient coordination yielded positive outcomes. The wind developer expressed satisfaction with the quality of all CVs and was able to proceed with a compliant bid. They signaled readiness to proceed with further recruitment efforts and an agreement was established for future collaboration, contingent upon the success of their bid. Our "no project, no charge" policy mitigates risk for the client, ensuring fair terms and transparent engagement.


Through proactive networking and collaboration, we addressed their recruitment challenges and facilitated project success. Our tailored approach, emphasis on confidentiality, and commitment to swift action exemplify our dedication to client satisfaction and effective recruitment solutions.

Looking Forward:

As our client awaits the outcome of their bid, we remain committed to supporting their recruitment needs and fostering long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

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