ESG Compliance Services

As part of the European Green Deal, EU legislation now requires large and listed companies doing business within the EU to disclose information about the potential impact on local communities and the environment. With the entry into force of the Sustainability Reporting Directive, more than 50,000 companies are required to comply with these standards.

New reporting standards are continuously issued by entities such as the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) and the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). As these standards continue to evolve, it can be overwhelming to ensure your business is fully compliant to avoid fines.

The process of maintaining social, environmental and financial data for the new ESG standards can take about 18 months, depending on the size of the organisation.

Our Consulting Solution

The first step to becoming ESG compliant is to understand your company's current situation through gap analysis.

As part of our process, a qualified ESG consultant will perform a full gap analysis to assess current systems, how they will perform in maintaining your ESG data, and the potential areas for improvement.

After reviewing our gap analysis, your company will have an overview of what you may need help with, the timeline involved, and the costs associated with completing your project.

Our ESG Compliance Process

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Strategic Advisory Services - ESG & Sustainability

Integrating sustainability into the strategy is essential to meet evolving investor pressures, consumer demand and regulatory requirements. However, both strategy and implementation can be challenging with different international laws and standards, complex supply chains, investment costs and changing stakeholder views.

Our expert consultants are ready to help you make better decisions, make changes and achieve your goals. We start with a simple evaluation, a more detailed gap analysis, and then present you with a detailed project proposal to help you understand exactly what your organisation needs.

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