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Over Nene Park Trust

​Nene Park Trust is a registered charity dedicated to the comprehensive care and preservation of Nene Park. Established in 1988 to ensure that the Park would be managed and protected forever, the Trust takes responsibility for all maintenance, coordination of the Park's activity programme, and administration of its commercial properties. This commitment is made possible through a 999-year lease on the land, along with endowed commercial properties and other assets that generate income essential for maintaining the Park's integrity.

The Trust's core objective encompasses several vital aspects:

  1. Providing diverse facilities for recreation, education, and leisure.

  2. Establishing and maintaining parkland amenities.

  3. Safeguarding and conserving wildlife within the Park's boundaries.

  4. Preserving, restoring, and enhancing park features and infrastructure.

Embracing the strategy of 'Doing More with More,' the Trust aims to prioritise its charitable goals, enhancing the Park's appeal and delivering an exceptional experience to its visitors. Furthermore, the Trust seeks to leverage its charitable status by actively pursuing fundraising initiatives and soliciting voluntary and partnership support.

Nene Park Trust's charitable objective is centred around facilitating the recreation of the public, with a particular focus on providing parks that improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of Peterborough and the surrounding region.

The vision of Nene Park Trust is to become the favoured park in the region, offering a permanent haven for heritage and wildlife while presenting a wide array of recreational activities for the people of Peterborough and the wider community.