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H&S Advisor


Health & Safety Advisor
Enkhuizen, Netherlands
€3,500 - €4,900 monthly depending on experience

Are you interested in working as a Health & Safety Advisor for an innovative sustainable agriculture business in Enkhuizen? This opportunity presents a wonderful work environment and a passion for a safe and healthy workplace.

The H&S Advisor will be responsible for:
- Ensuring that the organization meets the legal and company-specific requirements in the field of working conditions (machinery, fire safety, physical load).
- Providing training and information (such as toolboxes) on various safety themes and conducting safety rounds.
- Reviewing and assessing H&S requirements when new machines and equipment are purchased or when process optimizations are implemented.
- Drawing up and monitoring safety policies, guidelines and procedures.

The H&S Advisor will have:
- Experience with machine safety and you bring technical knowledge.
- HBO working and thinking level, preferably a completed HVK course and at least 5 years of work experience in this field.
- Familiarity with (quality, working conditions and/or environmental) management systems and have knowledge of working conditions legislation and company safety regulations.
- Experience in implementing, monitoring and coordinating RI&Es.

Vacancy Reference: PR/026538
Vacancy Owner: Ally Bliss | Ally.bliss@shirleyparsons.com | (+31) 20 299 1643 |