Terug Naar Zoeken

【Leading Wind Turbine Manufacturer】HV Technician


Global leader in onshore and offshore wind services with wind turbines manufacturer and provider.

【The role will be responsible for】
1. High voltage cable pulling, installation, commissioning, and energization of wind turbine projects in line with safety guidelines, project requirements, corporate methods, and industry legislative standards.
2. Primarily in charge of equipment above a 1000V A/C 1500V D/C mainly transformers, Cables, and Switchgears
3. Relevant documentation maintaining

【The role will have】
1. Qualified degree in electrical engineering, or working experience in HV related activities
2. At least Taiwanese Level B wiring certificate (乙級室配/工配)
3. Fluent in English for communication with foreign technicians/leaders
4. Work at height, offshore life
5. Previous working experience in Wind industry is a plus

【What's on offer】
1. Complete internal training courses, mentors guiding
2. Worldwide vision
3. Competitive salary
4. Comprehensive career development
5. Overseas projects support in future