Building a Safe, Sustainable, and Prosperous World

At Shirley Parsons, our mission is to contribute to the building of a safer, sustainable, and prosperous world.

We collaborate with organisations to address health, safety, environmental, and sustainability challenges. Our services are tailored to assist them in achieving their unique sustainability goals.

Building a Safe, Sustainable, and Prosperous World

Our Global Network of Professionals and Services

Over the course of many years, we have invested in building our global network of qualified sustainability, safety, and quality professionals, which we leverage to efficiently meet the needs of our clients in every market where we operate.

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Join a Winning Team

We hire individuals who align with our culture and have created a work environment conducive to the success, personal development, and happiness of our staff. We strive to be the very best at what we do, both in the eyes of our clients and our colleagues, supporting each other as we work towards common goals. We have a truly amazing work atmosphere where people can grow based on their performance, skills, and career goals.

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Global HSEQ professionals

Shirley Parsons Team

  • Shirley Parsons

    Shirley Parsons

    Founder & Brand Ambassador

  • Paul Roebuck

    Paul Roebuck

    Group CEO

  • Gerry Pearson

    Gerry Pearson

    Managing Partner

  • Ben Hiner

    Ben Hiner


  • Nick Farkas

    Nick Farkas

    Director of Project Services

  • Shona Paterson

    Shona Paterson


  • Phillip Muston

    Phillip Muston

    Head of Careers

  • Helen Gibbs

    Helen Gibbs

    Partner & Account Manager

  • Liam Tiddy

    Liam Tiddy

    Head of Search

  • Sam Chappell

    Sam Chappell

    USA - Director & Co-Founder

  • Duncan Cooke

    Duncan Cooke

    Regional Lead

  • Yu Pin Lin

    Yu Pin Lin

    Country Manager - Taiwan

  • Chloe Howard

    Chloe Howard

    Divisional Leader, Shirley Parsons Canada

  • Ryan Binnee

    Ryan Binnee

    Managing Health and Safety Careers Consultant

  • Emily Swindlehurst

    Emily Swindlehurst

    Lead Careers Consultant - Environment & Sustainability

  • Jessica Plested

    Jessica Plested

    Principal Careers Consultant

  • Mike Roebuck

    Mike Roebuck

    Senior Careers Consultant

  • Jonny Montgomery

    Jonny Montgomery

    Head of Project Services - Quality

  • Louie Covello

    Louie Covello

    Managing Consultant

  • Tom Nicholls

    Tom Nicholls

    Principal Consultant